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5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Windows

5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Windows

While your windows can’t speak directly to you, there are little ways they can communicate you should consider replacement windows. Well-made windows can withstand the elements for a long time, but the Washington DC climate, frequent use and other factors can play a large role in the durability of a home’s windows. If you aren’t sure if your windows are reaching the end of their lifespan, here are some signals that it may be time to look into replacement windows:

  1. Washington DC just survived a severe storm.
    Cities that are prone to severe weather, or even towns that have been hit with one intense thunderstorm, can discover windows and homes damaged. Make sure you check your windows for any signs of damage if they faced weather more intense than what they were designed to bear.
  2. You are noticing drafts from your windows
    Drafty windows can allow warm or cool air to leak out from your home and cause outside air to creep in. Window drafts force your heating and cooling system to work longer than it needs to and can lead to higher energy bills. Drafty windows can also hint at other issues, such as a need for weather-stripping or hardware, the presence of damaged window panes or other necessary repairs as a result of windows that are difficult to open and close.
    An expert can also help you conclude if a window in this state can be salvaged with a minor amount of work or if it needs a full replacement.
  3. You want to lower your energy bill
    Have you realized that your power bills are unusually steep? According to, faulty windows can force your power bills to increase by about 10–25 percent. Drafty, improperly sealed or old windows can cause you to pay more for energy as your HVAC system works overtime to make up for the lost air that has already been heated or cooled in your home. Pella window experts can work with you to determine which type of windows might be best for boosting energy efficiency, and therefore best for improving your monthly bills, by examining such things as weather changes in Washington DC.
  4. You find condensation between window panes
    While indoor condensation may not bother you that much, it could lead to window damage. Spotting condensation isn’t always a negative thing; in many instances it means the windows are functioning properly. However, condensation captured between the panes of glass can reflect an issue. This problem can be easily avoided or remedied with proper window replacement.
  5. Your house is in the middle of a makeover
    A home makeover is an ideal time to replace your windows—while so many other parts of your home are getting a redesign, why not include your windows? If you are going through a home makeover, it is possible that your home and windows are older, and you are going to want your windows to reflect the new look of your updated home. If you are replacing your windows with more expansive panes of glass, they can bring more light to your home. According to Architectural Lighting, daylit environments increase productivity and comfort. Pella of Washington DC has a wide array of window styles to consider and can help make sure that your replacement windows go with your home’s new look.

Don’t wait until trouble comes—use these signs to help identify if your home needs replacement windows today. If any of these indicators stands out to you, give Pella of Washington DC a call at (202) 810-6799 or stop by our showroom. You can also book an appointment online for a free, in-home consultation.

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